A Guide to the Trends of SS/FW 2017 as They Emerge

What you’ll be wearing NOW & in six months. What Are You Ready To Wear?

Buzzy Words

Let’s begin by making a statement! The T-shirt style is officially the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Many designers has taken on the concept of the typography tee, using the politics of the world as ways to express themselves within the fashion industry. While taking statements pieces into another level and making it into one of the boldest trends. Designers such as Dior, Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci have all trendingly incorporated worldly slogans within their collections, while keeping the elements of being fashion forward. Adding this trend, allows your personality to speak without even saying a word.


Shades of Blue

Other colors to invest in, are different shades of blue. Which is one of the easiest colors to wear and also one of the most popular across the board this season; which is also a break from the trend of black! The angelic color is something refreshing to have featured within your closet. Mixing and Matching with this concept, shouldn’t be hard one either! Blue shades helps bring coolness to the skin and instead of washing you out , just as black does; it allows a slight ray color to help brighten your wardrobe, but not too much. Cool blues can be mixed with a nice dark and light washed denim or a dressed up skirt, depending on your mood and the time of the day. The summer is soon approaching and to the cool down the pool and rays of blue should keep you shaded.


Super Stripes

Up next is bold, bright, and brilliantly textured, spring stripes.! The industry has revamped the trend, making stripes bigger and bolder. Generally, thinner stripes have been a trend to stay away from but for 2017 the motto is either “Go big or go home”; which is Rosie Assoulin’s aspired after within her collection. Themes of thick vertical helps with different body types and  have been known to help elongate the body and gives more definition around the areas that you want to elaborate on. With this trend, all you need to do need is less! less effort when trying to pull an outfits together allows freedom to accessorize in different ways. We would recommend chunky jewelry pieces especially necklaces and earrings, Which are in for this season. The chunky accessories  are going to help with making the outfit high fashion as well as allowing them to be statement pieces.


Sheer Power

And now for the question of the season; “Are you ready to show it all of”? Chiffon and other textiles are being used as trends to help show off figures in the sheerest of ways. The lightweight textures are flowing onto the runways with beautiful pastels colors and are giving the industry’s definition for softness a new appeal. Draping over the body with ease, allowing elongation and elegance at the same time. The color Pink and other vibrant mixtures  of the season are showcasing displays of the body in ways that are more embracing than ever.  For a day of dressing up or a dinner date, the perfect trend to wear is this one. Pair the piece with a nice set of heels, soft makeup and an effortless hairstyle and your softer side will definitely be brought out. There’s is nothing wrong with showing your softer side, just be glamorous while doing so.


Cool Khaki

Merging into the deeper tones of the nude color palette, Khaki is the new shade upon the collection of neutrals to enlist within your wardrobe. Designers such as Yeezy,  Loewe, Valentino, and Kenzo are featuring the tan color combination within their collectionS and  have created Utilitarian looks, adding masculine concepts to feminine pieces. Popular items among this trend are Jackets, trench coats, crop tops and even pleated skirts! Pair a Khaki skirt with a clean white t-shirt that incorporates strappy heels and you will have the perfect look for the perfect outing of your choice.


A Ruffle Here, a Ruffle There!

A Ruffle are everywhere! Ruffles has been added to 2017’s trends and has come back stronger and pleated more than ever.  Ruffles can add definition to your look and give a concise shape to the fashion fabric being used. The manipulation among the textile benefits not only different angles of the body  but it allows more room for designers to be more in depth with their visuals and design concepts. Creating those concepts of asymmetrical drafting and much more. Be sure, when displaying this trend, that you choose calmers pieces to coordinate with. You do not want to overpower the look because the piece is doing all the work for you; just remember that less is more.


White out – “STAY IN NEUTRAL”

White has never completely left the industry but its revamp for 2017, is a color to see.

Designers such as DKNY and Louis Vuitton has taken the color to simplistic measures and has created looks that are more diverse than ever. Instead of wearing the color for special events, its new trend is to incorporate it in daily wear choices. The season’s day dress comes in cream, bone, and ivory. Whether you opt for Sonia Rykiel’s breezy puff-sleeve or an alice and olivia two piece set, you will be acclimated for whatever setting. A white bluse and clean white shorts; accessorized with browns and soft golds would be a great casual

ensemble for the summer.


Garden Party

Roses, daisies, lilies and tulips are just what you need for your garden of clothing. Floral prints has been used by designers and have been displaying different color ways for you to be versatile with. Designs include shorts, tops and dresses that exploring depths of color combos that could help brighten up your wardrobe and essentially get you to utilize what already might be within your closet.  The colorways of flowers allows such a diverse range of color upon your pieces to wear that you should not have  having any issues with trying coordinate your personal look for the day or evening. So say yes to Floral! And arrange it to your liking.



“Everything that glitters, isnt always gold” but Metallic and shine is making its way back into the scene. Bringing back reflective fashion back into the industry. Gleams in your wardrobe speak wonders about taking risks and being bold, which in 2017 is nothing new to the industry of trends. Pair the piece with structured items and stay simplistic when trying to accessorize. A simple black shoe along with a Metallic pant suit is what designer Brandon Maxwell did upon his 2017 spring collection. The model pictured had a smokey eyes and loose curls! So, let your outfit shine for you, so don’t have to do all the talking.



Let’s not keep it within the boundaries because living within parameters is just not living at all. The deconstructed look was really infamous, especially within 2016 style trends but 2017 has brought new and more improved deconstructed things! Anything you name has been even more destructed from sequin dresses with slashed hems hems, torn sweaters with slight holes, denim that has been pieced back together . A deconstructed look is a definite trend to go after when you want to step out of your boundaries for a little bit. A deconstructed look can either be overdone or simplistic but ultimately the overall look, is up to you.


Fringe Benefits

The fringe trend is in and ready to make a slight comeback like some of the other fashion statements previously. This slight element gives the ensembles a slight flow with body and completes an outfit without you even trying; which is the ultimate goal here and Alexander Mcqueen  is a great reference to this trend in particular. Upon his fall 2017 line, he incorporated fringe slightly into his growns. Not overdoing the trend while trying to keep it simplistic and minimal. Tops and dresses especially are taking on the trend and will be easy to pair other things with. A little flow to certain pieces, will make your strut even better!

Pantsuit Nation

And Finally a one piece to end the list of trends and trust us, a nice pant suit, does a lot of justice for you. A nice loose fitted or fitted pant suit is something easy to pull either in the causal direction or even in the dressier direction. Either way, you will look good doing it! From running runs around town all the way to going out for a night with the girls in the city. Pantsuits are perfection!!!  The Soft and slouchy or trim and tailored, suits were a near-constant feature

on the fall runways. Designers,  3.1 Phillip Lim and Oscar de la Renta proved to the industry that a simple pants suit goes a long depending on how you feel!


Now that you have your guide into the latest trends, “What exactly are you READY TO WEAR ???

In this look I have chosen the perfect graphic t-shirt and metal’s skirt that are currently trending and I have also used one of my favorite accessories; sunglasses to help enhance the casual look I had for a day in the city. We’re going to be showing the next trends for an upcoming featured look that we’re putting together! So be on the lookout for next week’s post for exclusives on how to coordinate an outfit, strictly using theses trends we have provided for you,






Top: http://www.karl.com/us/t-shirt_cod37881432qv.html#dept=llprdcts
Bag: https://www.trendlee.com
Skirt: https://www.c21stores.com/products/fldovr-lng-sk-made-in-italy?color=Military&via=585c473a69702d7b43000035%2C585c475669702d7b43000055

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