Museum Muse: “What To Wear When Exploring Art”

“Art is a reflection of you, when all you have is a blank canvas… sometimes you need a “Muse” to help inspire you” and what is a better way to stay inspired then a day at “The Broad’s Museum located Down town Los Angeles. The Broad Museum is better known as a monumental facility that not only offers free admission but a journey into the definition of exquisite contemporary art. Named after a billionaire business man Eli Broad and His wife Edthe, who’s mission was to make art accessible to everyone, they took intuitive in a making a point to have an exhibition free of cost and when a mind like yours need a break this is the perfect place to be to help spark your creativity. A Few artists that can help you get back to that place that are featured within the facility are

  • Yayoi Kusama with her collection, “Infinity Mirrors”,
  • Robert Therrien with the piece called “Under the Table”
  • Jeff Koons with the piece called “Balloon Dog”
  • And Andy Warhol with the pieces of color pop











On an Art walk like this you need to be prepared, and we have the perfect attire just for exhibition’s purpose. Rule number one, Dress Comfortable. You want to be relaxed while being out. So, paring a nude Gucci Slipper with black denim paired with a black loose fitted top. A slight over size bomber jacket is the perfect accessory for the occasion for the occasion, because we know how cold museums can get. End your look with a black cross body purse and perfect shades for this sunny weather.  We hope you enjoyed our guide for a fun day of art, now go out …..and be inspired!




Jlondono’s style team

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