Shades of Blue

“A guide into styling with shades of BLUE…”

“Blue has always been one of my favorite colors within the color scheme since my early childhood and now I am enjoying that fact that I can wear this beautiful cool composition because it is one of the top trends for 2017. You all know how much I love colors and mixing prints, but sometimes I love something a bit more monochromatic. When putting together an outfit where you want to incorporate different shades of blue, start with main pieces you desire to wear and then build upon and around that center piece. Adding dreamy details, creating illusions with shape and structure while introducing monochromatic schemes to your concepts of wardrobe, will help develop the perfect use of “the shades of blue”. Allowing those day dreams of a better wardrobe to come true’

Dreamy Details:

The rays of a dreamer cannot be stopped by the summer sun but a pair of aviator sunglasses can cool down the look by adding dynamics to simplicity. The construction of this accessory helps gives the face a slender look while eluding couture elements. The squared off sides and the slight widening of eye gives high fashion while not overdoing the overall look in total.

Creating Illusions:

Moving on to illusions of the fashion mind, the off the shoulder top and wide bell sleeves creates elements that are crucial when trying to elongate the neck and emphasis on other body parts. The light blue top creates shape around the arms with ruffled sleeves. The gathering of fabric within that area of the arm, also gives emphasis on couture elements while speaking volumes around being simple. In 2017, less is considered to be more. You want your articles of clothing to speak and with that, this top is considered to be the statement piece within the entire article of clothing provided.

Monochromatic Concepts:

Blue is the new black and the schematic fantasies of blues are more complementing than they ever have been! The navy blue, high slit skirt that’s been paired with the rest of the outfit gives the monochromatic variations of blue a better concept. Giving the outfit more definition and a clean finished look.


Maxi Skirt:








Color Blocking day dreams

-Never sleep on using color elements, the method of color blocking an outfit can help add a brighter touch to your statement. Taking the previous steps, we have already offered and subtracting the monochromatic context, you can add the element of taking the color opposite of blue which is orange and incorporating it within your outfit. This element in particular gave a well-constructed dress a twist with the orange open toe heel being added along with the dramatic O shaped sunglasses. Executing a look of eccentrics and dimension all at once!




And now you’re all done! Stay easy, breezy and blue within using our concepts of “Shades of Blue”

Let us know how you styled your preferences!

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