The look of love

“The Look of Love”
“Roses are red… Violets are blue… The “Look of love” is soon approaching… what style defines you”
-Valentine’s day by your definition


February fourteenth has made its way into the new year and the season of Valentines has altered its definition of love into a new meaning or should I say “A New Look”. A look that deals with a variety of textures, shapes and even colors instead of what might be traditional for a Valentines day event. A look that only you could really define on your own terms. Who really wants to stay traditional, if they could have the opportunity of wearing what love truly means to them?


If you had the option of wearing pink, would you consider wearing pastel?  You could pair together, a signature top with a clean pant and add a little bit of color with the “Glitter Over Everything Sandal” and help the neutral look have a pop of color and to top the look off, a beautiful choker could the perfect accessory for a beautiful date night with that special someone.



If your look is sexy and rebellious, you could strut in a pair “Dreamy Leather Culottes” and be bold within a printed top, allowing the single ladies to be within the “green light”.  Accessorizing the look with eccentric sunglasses and black pointed toe heel is the perfect look for a night in the city with friends, a “Galentine’s Green Night Out Celebration” as we like to call it. A time where ladies have the green light on their life.




For a day to night look, the “Tiny Dancer Tulle Skirt” paired with a graphic T and the perfect heels could be that perfect ensemble for a movie night to see Fifty Shades of Grey”. Adding fun and flirty to something simple.








In all, Valentines day is not a day for you to distinguish if you are single or not. It is not a day to draw attention on what you do or do not have. It is simply embracing the things you appreciate the most just as well as allowing the emotion of gratitude to be shown in the ways we would like.
“The Look of love” is your garment choice of how you feel and the only person who knows your look best, is you! You are at your best when you illuminate in confidence, let your definition of love speak volume about your wardrobe. You can take your steps of creating your look at “Beehive Boutique”. A store accommodated around the concept uniqueness, giving you full access of defining your look at your own definition. The boutique is a fabulous place to even give gifts to your family and friends. A shop where you are able to grab candles for romantic evening or the perfect pair of shoes for a nice walk in to town with close friends. Partnering with Beehive Boutique has been amazing opportunity. Their vision of expressing oneself through a variety of different styles is very inspiring and promising to the fact that women can be themselves, no matter what and we think that is a beautiful concept! Thanks Beehive boutique for the opportunity of collaboration as well as giving the industry a breath of fresh Air!
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