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You just saw the most gorgeous dress but don’t dare to buy it because its pattern is so notorious that you will not wear it twice. Patterns however, were designed for you to be fond of them, not scared. Once you know how to dress it the right way, this once in a lifetime flashy piece will turn into your go to stunning piece.

I had a fancy birthday lunch and needed a cute outfit for the occasion, so I chose this classic fit dress, which has an edgy modern look to it. This time around, I paired it up with some trendy silver shoes that perfectly matched the core material of the dress. Given that yellow was slightly represented in the pattern, I decided to accentuate it with a basic envelope purse in the same color.

I love this dress because it has a thick material that adds shape to your body and hides its imperfections. Therefore, I came out with two more ways to wear it for other occasions by playing with its pattern and different accessories. For a formal dinner at night, I paired it up with classic black heels and a matching leather jacket, giving it a stylish chic look. To attend an important meeting at work instead, I chose beige stilettos with a medium sized purse in the same color, giving it a more polished professional look.

So next time you have a doubt when buying a bold patterned piece, remember that all you need is a little bit of creativity accessorizing it and you can turn the entire outfit around


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